Funny Windows Phone TV ad targets arguments between Android and iPhone users (video)

Funny Or Die Reveals The Truth Behind Apple’s New Ad (VIDEO)

You might even hear some of the cliche lines some of us use during said fights.

VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz A 45 AMG shows its funny side

It stars the arab with camels seen in the beginning of the Coke Super Bowl 2013 Ad.

Is HTC One launch ad funny or mortifying?

The only bad outcome for Kmart is if they succumb to the pressures that will surely come their way to apologize and remove the ad.

Kmart ‘Ship My Pants’ Ad Goes Viral, VIDEO Offensive Or Funny? [WATCH NOW]

A new ad for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is generating buzz for its depiction of the untimely death of a seal who gets snatched by a Great White.

Lawdingo: A Funny Ad For a Serious Business

A cars technical brilliance is completely lost on him, appreciating character-making quirks more.

Pink Toyota Crown and The Pigeon-Man Advertise Is Funny [Video]

Oh, and dont forget about their commercial ads, which seems to make no logic to us which makes them really funny.

Discovery’s New ‘Shark Week’ Ad: Offensive or Funny? (Video)

Snuffy The Seal Shark Week - H 2013

Thats what the good folks at Lawdingo have done with a brilliant, tongue-in-cheek look at legal advice.

windows phone ad

(via Cio) Cell Mate At first glance, we see two things problematic about the Cell Mate.

Funny Toyota Ad Emphasizes Reliability [Video]


Coca-Cola Responses to Coke Super Bowl 2013 Ad Being Called Racist with Funny Video

Coca-Cola Responses to Coke Super Bowl 2013 Ad Being Called Racist with Funny Video

I fear that one or two people might concur that this parody tends toward the “Die” side of the Funny Or Die spectrum.

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