Facebook Rolling Out Video And Instagram Ads

only members, but is likely set to launch in Europe in 2014 and the rest of the world sometime later. Facebook may keep its ad load on Instagram initially low so as not to ruin the user experience, while ensuring advertisements are of a high quality and meaningful nature. Users will be shown ads that are relevant to their activity on Facebook and Instagram using contextual information such as friends, likes, and interests. Video ads being tested Investors may underappreciate Facebooks reach, even as advertising clients urge it to adopt larger-scale ad formats. Ad dollars will likely follow user consumption patterns online as Facebooks video advertising products could cause a shift as advertisers move from TV to online. As of the end of the fourth quarter, Facebook began testing promoted videos in users news feed, with videos playing automatically as they appear onscreen. If a user does not want to watch the video, they can scroll past it. Facebook can justify placing one video ad in a users news feed as it is estimated that the number of potential pieces of content that Facebook users are exposed to in every login is approximately 1500. As the leading global social network, Facebook possesses a large and growing network of users and a massive database of information that users volunteer to give, which allows the company to deliver high quality, targeted ads like no other social media company.
Source: http://usfinancepost.com/facebook-rolling-out-video-and-instagram-ads-12739.html